June 25 Letter from the Principal

June 25, 2020

Dear Parents,

As we finish off the 2019-20 school year, I wish to first of all say a very huge thank you for your support of your children during this most recent at home pandemic learning experience. I have been so impressed with how students engaged in online learning opportunities and am appreciative of your flexibility and support.

Report cards are being mailed home this week. Given the nature of pandemic learning, final assessments were primarily based on work completed in-class until spring break, with consideration given to online learning progress. Should further support be needed to be successful in subsequent courses, a note has been made to that effect. Teachers next year will work to assist students to acquire any content and competencies missed this year.

If you have any technology, textbooks, sports jerseys or other items belonging to the school, please return by June 26.

As we get closer to September, we will know more about which stage of the pandemic re-entry plan we will be in. Please watch for information to be released in late August about what school in September will look like. Our website will be regularly updated. 

I wish to say a warm goodbye to the students and staff at Salmo Secondary School. I have enjoyed getting to know the school community and have valued all the rich relationships and connections. Next year, I will be at Salmo Elementary School full time and Mr. Jon Francis will be the Principal at Salmo Secondary School. Mrs. Terpstra will continue in her role as Vice-Principal and will be shared between both schools. We look forward to working together in the Salmo Family of Schools.

For now, all the very best for a restful summer!

Mrs. Snell, Principal