Zonar Bus Pass Pilot project

This year, SD8  - Kootenay Lake is implementing a new bus pass program that will assist the Transportation department with student tracking and tracing. A pilot for the program will begin with the Salmo and Crawford Bay families of schools in January and February and then expand to the remaining families of schools throughout the District in March and April this year. The information gathered with the bus pass will allow us to provide bus ridership information to schools, parents and/or Health Authorities if necessary.

What is the Zonar Bus Pass Program?

The Zonar Bus Pass Program is a student identification system designed specifically for school bus transportation. The system uses short-range RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to provide School District No. 8 Transportation Department with information on when, where and what time students get on and off their bus(s), helping to assure their safety. This information is only available to Transportation and school officials.

How the Passes work:

  • As a student passes their Bus Pass card by the reader upon entering or leaving the bus, the time, date, and location is logged and transmitted to a secure data base. This information is then readily available in the case of an emergency or lost student situation.  No student information is available outside of the school district’s computer system. 
  • The Bus Pass card and first replacement card will be issued at no cost. Any further replacement cards will be issued at a cost of $5.00 each.  Please note that Bus Drivers are NOT authorized to accept cash at any time.  
  • Your child must have his/her Bus Pass with him/her at all times.  Please notify the Transportation department at 250-354-4871 Nelson or 250-428-5329 Creston in the event your child’s Bus Pass card is lost or stolen to prevent unauthorized use of the card.  Upon notification the district will then lock out the lost/stolen Bus Pass and reissued a new card that will be handed out by the driver. In the event your child does not have a Bus Pass card while boarding the bus, your child should notify the driver at that time. 

Please refer to the Parent Letter for further information about the new bus pass program. 

Read the Bus Pass FAQs 

The District thanks you in advance for your support with this new initiative and for allowing SD 8 – Kootenay Lake to further ensure the safety of your children.


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