Course Selection

Course Selection

A value at Salmo Secondary is that students are able to have a personalized program, as best as we can provide in our rural school setting. Therefore, in the spring students are surveyed as to what courses they would like (or need) to take the following year. The staff are also surveyed as to what they would like to teach. From there, a schedule is crafted that is based not only on Ministry of Education requirements for graduation, but also on the needs of students in our school. There are many creative configurations that can occur! 

The school administration team will assist all in ensuring that courses and schedules are personalized to meet future career goals. 

All students participate in Wednesday "exploratories", which are courses designed to ignite and support students in areas of interest and passion. They are hands-on, place based and student directed. Exploratories offered in the 2019/20 school year include:

Tech and media

Outdoor education


Creations (Art)

Costume Design and Anime

Sustainable living

Performing Arts