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A Lot to Celebrate! Starting With Our International Students

Jon Francis

As we head into our winter holidays, there is a lot to celebrate at the school.

The school spirit is high, with many winter team building activities happening around the school. And while all around the school this last week students have been excited about the upcoming winter break and getting ready for the next half of the school year, we are also sad to say farewell to our international students - Joh and Karen.  

Joh and Karen are grade 12 students who have been with us for the past year. They have made some amazing lasting friendships and been a very positive addition to our school community.

It is always an exciting time when new international students arrive in Salmo. The school community does an amazing job of integrating them immediately. Within the first few days at the school, it felt like Joh and Karen had been here for years. Both students were heavily involved in school culture and participated in many extracurricular activities.  A highlight would be their participation on the volleyball teams.  

We hope they have safe travels back to Japan over the winter break and know that they will be missed!

We also wish everyone in our Salmo Secondary School community, Salmo Family of Schools, Salmo area and as far away as Japan a wonderful winter holiday and much joy and good cheer over the coming weeks. 

Happy winter to all and to all a good break, 

Principal Jon Francis