Custom shed build: The follow up crew

Ms. Marrandino's Senior shop students built a custom 4'x16' shed to house the schools gardening supplies. The shed includes double doors and a shingle roof. In addition to the build, students also ventured into an electrical unit where they learned how to wire a receptical, switch, and light with a planned goal to install this into the structure. In meeting with the students to discuss this project they spoke of the research that they neeeded to put in before beginning, and the importance of following a plan. They also articulated the skills that they gained in collaborating with one another, the importance of communication, and resilience that it took to follow through with the project this year as it was halted last year due to the Global Pandemic. One student, Bailey Rollick, shared that this process has instilled in him a real interest in the carpentry field, framing in particular. Subsequently, Bailey has applied to the Youth Train in Trades path through Selkirk College into the Carpentry Foundations program.