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District Scholarship Page - Important Deadlines and Information

Graduation Award Information

Available Scholarships/Bursaries/Financial Awards

Salmo Secondary School is pleased to again have the opportunity to distribute to our graduating students financial rewards intended to help offset the expenses of continuing education. Only those students who are planning to continue their education after graduation should apply.

Individuals, clubs, lodges, companies, and other groups from the Salmo and Kootenay area are proud of the graduates from our school. They wish to recognize, honor and financially contribute to deserving students who plan to pursue post-secondary education.

Types of Awards

Financial Awards –These non repayable awards are given to deserving students that meet the awarding organization’s criteria, but who are not necessarily top academic students in school, or in financial need.

Bursaries -This is a non repayable award made to students who are in need of financial assistance and who have maintained a satisfactory academic record.

Scholarships -These are awarded mainly for outstanding academic achievement. Normally scholarships are dependent on factors other than financial need or social activity. Each scholarship will have specific requirements that the applicant must meet to qualify.

Loans -This is money which is borrowed for a period of time but is paid back to the lender. There may be no interest rate charged on the money borrowed while the student is attending school.